Wall bed with motorized lifting and closing mechanism

"Your home can be cozy and spacious with our electrical wall bed."

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Want to use your living space to the max?

Your home can be cozy and spacious with our electrical wall bed. Homfort bed can be opened or closed with just a push of a button. It is fully balanced in any position by design, and will not fall - with or without electricity. Bed legs deploy automatically, avoiding damage and preventing injuries. A variety of adjacent cabinet options are available to help fit your lifestyle. Express the real you by choosing from a wide selection of colors, finishing and lighting options, and designing your space of comfort and luxury.

• Maximizes use of living space
• Effortless electrical operation
• Several bed sizes to fit your needs
• Large selection of quality mattresses
• Works with or without electricity
• Recover even more space with surrounding cabinetry
• Many colors, finishing and lighting options
• Impress your friends and relatives!

This definition of comfort describes what our company is determined to bring to your home.
We understand that today, more than ever, a promise of a more rewarding lifestyle is attracting more and more people to large cities.
People are trading a quiet and slower-paced environment of the suburbs, for a vibrant and exciting life downtown, while giving up land and living space.
Our company has stepped up to the challenge of providing modern solutions to meet this increasing demand.
Homfort team has a wealth of experience in complex engineering projects in such industries as aerospace, robotics, furniture manufacturing, and information technology.
We are confident that our combined knowledge will allow us to come up with innovative answers to the problems everyday life poses.
Removing pain and constraints, Homfort brings comfort to your home.

Exhibiting our improved Homfort bed at the Canadian Furniture Show in Toronto, May 2017.


High Gloss MDF Panels

Metallic Elm Tree




Black Zebra


Royal Pearl


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